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Reopening = Excitement! Adjustments! Decisions! And perhaps some stress (it’s okay…it’s normal)

Cuomo’s announcement in May that New York would be reopening was exciting, and in many ways a source of relief. It was also a source of stress and in some cases panic; I was contacted by more new patients seeking therapy in the three days following his announcement than I would typically have in a full month (or possibly two)!

There is often social pressure to express unadulterated joy about the reopening, and to celebrate the resilience of humanity. However, it is okay to feel overwhelmed, worried, and concerned about adapting to the larger, busier world that awaits.

Some of the common struggles I see people grappling with as a result of the reopening are:

· figuring out how much social activity is the right amount, and in some cases building in time to relax or engage in more solitary activities to recharge.

· determining how much time (outside of regular work hours) to dedicate to a career, or traveling for work.

· rethinking the demands of a stressful or unrewarding job, and re-entering the job market for better work life balance or opportunities to work from home.

· re-evaluating boundaries in relationships (of all kinds)

· and finally (and for some, very painfully), some are finding that romantic relationships are showing signs of wear from the pandemic experience, and the reopening has served as a reminder that there are more options for love and/or sex.

It is completely normal to have mixed feelings about the reopening. If you find that adapting is really difficult, reaching out for support from trained professionals can be very helpful.

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